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Total Prick Nursery - Cactus Pruning and Removal

If you live in or around the San Francisco Bay area and need to prune or remove your cactus, shoot us a message with your contact details and let's chat!

We specialize in columnar (long/tall upright, cylinder-shaped) cactus, and with our specialty tools can either fully remove your plants (including their roots), or just thin them out to make your yard/landscaping safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

We try to save everything we can from the greenwaste (barring instances of extreme disease), and in many instances are able to provide new homes for your plant/cuttings through our site/network. This allows us to do some jobs for no/low cost (and depending on the particular plant, even potentially put some money in your pocket) - let's chat!


Garden design and installation

Total Prick can help you design your new dry garden using drought-tolerant and low-water plants, which are good for fire-safety, savings on utility bills, and reduced waste. Our gardens are custom designed with your space in mind, and are perfect for our Bay Area micro-climate. 

Reach out to us to discuss your landscape project. Consultations can be done over the phone, or we’ll visit your site and provide a proposal. 

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