Peru 'Kathleen' X OP Tricho Cactus Seedling

Peru 'Kathleen' X OP Tricho Cactus Seedling
One (1x) seedling of Trichocereus Peruvianus 'Kathleen' X OP. Multiple sizes available. These wil...
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One (1x) seedling of Trichocereus Peruvianus 'Kathleen' X OP. Multiple sizes available. These will likely have superficial markings/blemishes from being grown outdoors - healed pest bites, scars from rubbing against their siblings (he started it!), and evidence of harsh weather. Most imperfections will be pretty unnoticeable after a few seasons... no complainin', cool? cool! Make sure to quarantine any new additions to your collection and read our terms on returns/cosmetic imperfections. We recommend those in cold areas purchase a heat pack for their order (we are not responsible for weather damage incurred during shipping). Note: though listing photos frequently feature 'group shots', unless you add multiple quantities to your cart, you are purchasing 1x seedling or cutting (unless the listing states otherwise). 

Measurements taken from the soil-line.


Sun requirements
Medium to full-sun. The strength of your summer sun + your watering/feeding schedule will determine how much sun your cactus can tolerate. Read more on picking the right location for your cactus here.
Preferred Soil mix
We recommend using an equal mix (1:1) cactus soil and volcanic rock (perlite, pumice, or lava rock), which promotes good drainage and prevents the cactus from getting ‘wet feet’/rot related to moisture accumulation. Read more on mixing the best soil for your cactus here.
Temperature requirements
We recommend using frost cloth or a greenhouse if/when your temperatures freeze, and thoroughly watering/shading your cactus if you expect a heatwave. Read more on keeping your cactus happy here.
Watering requirements
During the warmer months of the year, water thoroughly once the soil has felt dry to the touch for a few days. During the colder months, watering should cease, which protects against rot and allows the cactus to go dormant. Read more on watering here.
Feeding requirements
To promote root development and proper tissue consistency, cacti benefit from occasional feedings. Read more on feeding here.
Container growing
Pots are a great option for cactus. Though they can somewhat stunt their growth rate/limit their overall size, they also make it easier to relocate them, and to adjust soil mixes. Read more on potting and pot size here.
In-ground growing
After establishing roots, your cactus will really ‘take off’ if grown in the ground. Make sure you pick a good location before planting it, as it can be challenging to relocate it. Read more on in-ground planting here.
Pest control
Pests can be annoying little jerks, but sadly are part of life. Read more on identifying and combatting common pests here.
In addition to disease avoidance strategies, you'll occasionally need to identify, and manage/treat diseases from infected plants. Read more on keeping your cactus happy here.

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